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Clark NJ
Another great two days of lacrosse in Clark, NJ.  The weather  A+
The Food  A+
The Music  A+
The lacrosse  A+
Thank you to everyone who helped in all aspects.  It takes alot to make it happen!

Kumpf Middle School
59 Mildred Terrace in Clark, NJ


Tournament Details:
LOCATION: 59 Mildred Terrace: Clark, NJ (Kumpf middle school grass fields)
PARKING: Parking is available in the school lot.  Overflow will be along Mildred Terrace.
FOOD: No grills please.  Bring tents and coolers for your home base.   We will have breakfast available, plenty of drinks, lunch (burgers, dogs, sausage sandwiches).  Plenty of other treats available.
FORMAT:  two 13 minutes halfs with 1 minute half-time.  No time outs.   3 minute restart time until next game.  Make sure your team is at the field ready to go before the horn.
  1. No warm ups…on field ready to go GAMES WILL START AND STOP ON A COMMON HORN:  BLAST TO START, BLAST ½ TIME, BLAST TO START 2ND HALF,   BLAST TO END GAME.  Last one minute of game may have stop time.
  2. All subs on the fly. Limited horns at 3/4th or with mutual coaches consent.
  3. Shake hands fast and vacate field at games end…no Overtime.
  4. No penalty time served  at 1/2 or 3/4th: Player temporarily removed from game for any 1 minute type violation (slash, illegal body check).  30 second penalties only at 5th and 6th.  Penalty starts when player hits the box.
  5. No run-up scores… No prizes for scoring…Mercy rule at 4 goals separation...records not officially kept
  6. Coaches please supply balls for the games.
  7. If a player is ejected from a game, he’s done for the day.  No fighting. No arguing with refs from any coach.
  8. Porta-pottys on site
Key for this festival style tournament is to have fun and have a good day playing lacrosse.