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1)  Click "Begin Registration" for the program you are interested in below and login using your email and password.

  • FIRST TIME? If this is your first time then enter your e-mail for a username and hit submit.  The system will generate a password and send it to you.  Check your inbox for the password.
  • DON'T REMEMBER PASSWORD?  Enter your e-mail into the username box and hit submit.  The system will send it to you.

2) Complete all required information.  You will have started your family account.

3) Under your family account, you may continue to manage additional children and register other members of the family for open programs.

4) Print the confirmation page for your records.


1) E-MAIL is required.  It is recommended to use your home e-mail to avoid the spam filters at work.  The e-mail you use will be your username for future registrations.  You will receive your password on this e-mail and please allow a few minutes until it is generated.

2) CREDIT CARD REQUIRED: Online payment is by credit card only.  Please have VISA/MC/DISCOVER ready to go.

3) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:  Clark Youth Lacrosse is dedicated to providing all kids in Clark with the opportunity to play lacrosse.  Contact Gus Kalikas at kalikas@clarkschools.org or 732-221-4982 for more information.

4) PRIVACY SETTINGS:  You can set your privacy level during registration to Public, Roster-only, or Private.  Clark Lacrosse will not share any personal information of any kind with any other organization.

5) TEXT MESSAGING:  Be sure to enter your cell # and service provider and we will be able to send out text messages about last minutes changes and cancellations.

6) US LACROSSE:  This website has an automatic link to the USLacrosse registration system.  For many programs, players will be required to be registered as USLacrosse members.  For spring lacrosse this will be mandatory.  If you are not enrolled in USLacrosse and the program you want to register for requires it, you will be asked to register with them and accept their terms and conditions.

7) REFUNDS: Like many youth sports associations, CYL has a no refund policy.

8) EDITING YOUR ACCOUNT:  Go to "Edit my account" under the home tab to make changes to your account. 

Payment Processing