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Clark NJ

The Clark Run-N-Gun Lacrosse Tournament: 2016


Thank you to all the teams and coaches who participated in our event.  Everyone was on their best behavior and it was an excellent day of lacrosse.   The weather cooperated and everyone seemed to have a great time.

 Thank you to all the volunteers who made it all happen!  There was a lot of participation this year and it really made for a great lacrosse experience.   From 6:30am set-up through 5:30pm clean-up, there was plenty of help along the way!

The "Clean-up Crew"





Somerset Hills

Watchung Hills

West Essex



Kumpf Middle School
59 Mildred Terrace
Clark, NJ 07066


FORMAT: Each team will get at least 3 games. Games are 2- 12 minute half with a 3 minute half-time. Total time per team is 5 hours or less. This tournament is for fun and a great way to wrap up the season on a positive note. Scores and records will not be officially kept and games may end in a tie.
TEAM COMPOSITION: Programs may bring combination grades, but bring balanced teams to keep the competition on an even level. We could accommodate Iroquois level teams as well. Please clearly indicate your estimated team strength on the sheet below to help with scheduling.
We will have breakfast food, lunch and drinks/snacks. Teams are welcome to bring tents and coolers to keep a “home base”. Keep your area clean. We will provide garbage bags.

PARKING: Available in the school lot and also along Mildred Terrace if there is overflow. Carpooling suggested.
www.Clarklacrosse.com see “Clark Tournament” for more information